Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My meanderings today have me working with Paper Crafts and making a Mini Album :)

This Mini Album measures 3.5 x 4 and I'm really liking it :) It's my first time making one :)

The rose on the the left I made :) I'm trying to only use items I have or can make from what I have and not buy anything else :)

When you open the left side it has a place for a picture and then room to journal. On the right the little card is removed from the pocket ;)

Also the right side is a flap and behind that is a Vintage Letter K copy. The little rose in the lower right hand corner I made and is smaller then a pencil top eraser :) Love it :) The tag comes out from the middle :)

Left side is the back of the card :)

The back opened and there's a place for a picture :)

I printed off some vintage pics of the letter K and made them into decorative cards. I am wanting to send this to Kristina who is Hostessing a Giveaway on Youtube :) It's my first mini and first challenge I hope she likes it :)

Here's a link to Kristina's Challenge Youtube Video if you would like to subscribe and enter :)