Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Christmas Present :)

This is my Christmas Present this year :) I am in love with it. I is now in my craft room and every drawer houses fabric. I couldn't be happier with it ;)

Here's what is on the top. A Doll Lamp that was one of my daughters. A Carousel Horse. And my Cabbage Patch Doll from 1984 :)  Love Love Love!

Happy Holidays :)  Toodles,,,^..^,,,Melissa

Handy Tips

Happy Holidays Everyone :)

Thought I would add some tips for things I do :)  I have little bits of several things and try and find ways to be able to use them all together to make a nice dinner table setting :)

I have lots of things but not lots of the same identical thing. This setting has 8 plates from 5 different sets because either I bought them second hand or a piece broke from a matching set. There are also 7 pieces of silverware from 4 different sets. I think they all go together just fine :)

Silver Cleaner :

1 cup Salt
1 cup Baking Powder
Aluminum Foil
Sink or Pan or Dish Tub
Mr. Clean Sponge (optional)
Hot Water

In your sink or dish tub line with alumnium foil sides and bottom. Pour in baking soda and salt and hot water half way. Place Silver item (silver plated works too) in mixture and the tarnish dissolves almost instantly. Take item out use a dish cloth or Mr. Clean Sponge (optional) and wipe off mixture and making sure if there's detailing that you get the tarnish out of detailing. Rinse and dry with soft towel.

Happy Holidays!! Toodles,,,^..^,,,Melissa

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Homemade Yummy Goodnes

Thought I'd post some pics of some of the yumminess I've made the last several day :)
Cinnamon Rolls w/ Cream Chz topping

Dinner Rolls

So soft and delicious :)

Homemade Bread :)

Thanks for stopping by :)